Monday, September 2, 2013

Six week recap, three month forecast.

So I've finished my first six weeks and completed the first log book (which was only for six weeks).  Now I'm moving into the next book which lasts for three months.  I think journaling has been essential to my success this time.  Without journaling I would not have learned that I lose weight faster if I eat an avocado (with Mayo and Cayenne) before bed.

Anyway, here are the stats:

I started on July 22 at 397.4
As of today, September 2, I am at 379.  (I was 378 yesterday but Monday and the 22 of the month are my only official weigh ins, so this continues my trend of never weighing my lowest on an official weigh in day).

So "officially" I am at 18.4lbs lost in six weeks.  Yay!

That is 3.06/lbs per week.  Which seems good...until you realize that if I lost 1% of my body weight per week I'd lose more.  Also, my new journal lasts for three months and suggests that I set a weight lose goal of 10%.  Sure. 

That would be 9/2 - 12/2  Weight loss 37.9lbs

And, sadly, 3.15/week for 12 weeks.  I didn't hit 3.15 the first six weeks so I think its unlikely that I'll hit it now but what the hell, I'm giving it a try.


  1. 3.15 lbs per week is not a bad goal at all, especially for you. Stop with the doubt and shoot for your goals and succeed like you do in other areas of your life.

  2. Any step in the right direction is... a step in the right direction. :) Keep plugging away!

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