Sunday, January 27, 2013



Here it is, January 27, 2013.  I have been in Ketosis since Wednesday, January 23, 2013.  This time I started around 380lbs.

What happened?
I partied.   We went to Miami and I partied.  We came home and the party never stopped.  Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties, NYE parties.  I am finally done partying. 

I also got super sick without quite knowing it.  I had a sinus infection (probably since last October) that became a chest infection.  All through November and December I could tell something was wrong with my breathing but couldn't pin down exactly what.  I brushed it off and increased my use of my emergency inhaler.

On January 6 all hell broke loose.  I ended going to the doctor who told me off, gave me antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine and made me promise to rest for two days.

I was sick from January 6 til now.  3 weeks.  The first week I didn't have enough energy to walk from my car into my house.  I'm so happy to be feeling better.  And I'm back.