Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fitday, counting calories...who knew?

Yesterday I decided to start counting stuff.  I got free Fitday and Calorie Counts accounts.  I tried both of them out yesterday but decided to dump Calorie Counts because it gave most of my foods a grade of an F.  I don't need to get an F when I'm doing everything most things right.  Butter? F. 

Soookay.  I decided to stick with Fitday.com because its easier to put in the nutritional information for the foods I ate.

What I discovered after two days is that low carbing has helped me spontaneously eat at a level which, according to Jenny Ruhl's calculator, will allow me to lose 2lbs/week.

Without any feelings of deprivation.  What I've learned from other times I've lost weight and especially from quitting seriously reducing my drinking, is that my number one threat to continued success is the feeling of deprivation. 

I have had five cheat days in the last 51 days (10%) and they may have slowed my weight loss, but I'm satisfied with 22lbs in 51 days.  Not bad.  Could be worse, could be zero, could have gained.

I decided when I changed my eating in August, that this time would be different.  I'd take everything I learned about myself and put it to good use.  I know that I don't do well when I never splurge.  So, sometimes I splurge.  If at the end of the year I've splurged 10% of the year, that is 36 of 365 days...10 months on plan, 2 months off.  I think that is the way I'll maintain this weight loss. 

I've lost a lot of weight enough times to know that losing is easy, maintaining is hard.  So if this time I keep my mind on maintaining, I should be able to maintain...when I get there.  Dangit.

I'm committing to using Fitday for the rest of the week just to see if my eating stays in the 1800-2000 range.  And I think its awesome that my body had me eating at just the right spot without me putting in much effort at all.  I didn't even know.  Score one for my body.

Ever caught your body doing something right?


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